Some publications that used Venn Diagrams generated by this website, as well as some quotes from users:

Karolina Nitterus, Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, Goteborg University, Sweden: "Both intuitive and easy to use ... explains everything in a very straightforward way"

Scopus doorgelicht en vergeleken: de dekking en functionaliteit van de citatiedatabase Scopus, inclusief vergelijkingen met Web of Science en Google Scholar

Menno Rasch, Utrecht University, The Netherlands: "Great easy tool that does the job!"

Venn-diagrammen à la carte

Anders Nordstrom, Research Associate at the Scripps Center for Mass Spectrometry, La Jolla, CA, USA: " is the best available source on the internet for efficiently generating venndiagrams. I particularly like the efficient and user friendly way in which generated diagrams can be exported into graphics software"

Alan Hochberg, Vice President Research at ProSanos Corporation, Harrisburg, PA, USA: "I tried several web applications for generating area-representative Venn diagrams, and yours is the best in terms of ease-of-use and quality of the graphics produced"

Commercial harvest of logging residue in clear-cuts affects the diversity and community composition of ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae)

Multiple Ionization Mass Spectrometry Strategy Used To Reveal the Complexity of Metabolomics

Plasma Membrane Proteomics

Matthew McCormack, Department of Molecular Biology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School: "I very much like your BioVenn program. I have looked around everywhere and can not find anything available as nice as this. From what I hear, it is very difficult to write a program to make these Venn diagrams. This is very nice in that the circles are proportional to the number, which is very difficult to find"

Shifted Transversal Design smart-pooling for high coverage interactome mapping

Ted Wham, Orbitz: "Love your Venn Diagram maker. You can't believe how hard these things are to find on the Internet -- yours rocks! Thanks for creating and making it available to people like me!"

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